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Altesca is a US-based investor and solar developer. Altesca is the principal investor in ICE and several of the other development companies in the ICE ecosystem.


Altesca is conscious about the investments we make and the projects we embark on. We seek to find opportunities that are proven to make a difference in our fight to save the world from destructive climate change. We, for one, won’t stick to our old ways or invest just because it makes money. We only want to work on projects that make a difference. Our focus lies on the transition to renewable energy and enabling digital transformation through data processing facilities.

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Altesca is an experienced partner and investor in renewable energy projects, land regeneration and internet infrastructure. We develop projects from the ground up and offer our partners the opportunity to realize their ambitions. Landowners, co-investors, communities, clients and municipalities win by working with Altesca. Our mission is to make everyone better off because of what we do and to make a difference in the fight to save the world.

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