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Solgreen is an established partner in the renewable energy market space. Since 2014, we have worked with project owners and financiers to deliver renewable energy projects, land regeneration opportunities and other financing for qualified projects.


Solgreen is your development partner to bring projects from an idea to reality. Often we are the drive behind the project inception and development, sometimes we contribute to what is already there. Always we deliver vision, expertise and value. With more than $2bn in accessible funds from our finance partner, Solgreen is actively working on development projects in 4 countries.

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We believe that with access to clean reliable energy individuals, communities and nations
Solar Panel Farm8


We help build a better future by investing in green energy and land regeneration

The future of the planet depends on all of us making better choices and delivering economic prosperity in an environmentally sustainable way.

Solgreen, and its finance partners, support projects that regenerate previously disturbed land and renewable energy projects.

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