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Meet The Team


Founder & Chairman

Frank Dekker

Always an entrepreneur and seeking the art of the possible, Frank first entered the solar business in 2012. In 2022 Frank started working with various regional specialists to build Energy Independence proposals for their countries. He founded Eagle Solar Energy, Beats, Eagle Temujin and International Clean Energy.

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Board Member

Paul Xifaras

Paul is recognised and respected as a safe and trusted pair of hands, bringing numerical expertise, together with a solutions focussed approach, whilst able to see things from different perspectives and work outside the box.

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Director of Energy Storage

Ruben Tempel

Ruben is an energy transition enthusiast who has been active in the renewable energy industry since 2014. His interest and work lie in the link between technology and commerce.

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Founder & Board Member

Rich Boyd

Rich has a passion for solar that stems from his love of the outdoors, love of travel and respect for his fellow man. To Rich, providing clean energy is more than a job, it’s part of a duty of care to the generations that follow, that the planet will be a better place for his being here.

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